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    Blazing Radiance - Germantown, MD

    Team Summary: In an effort to detect forest fires early and prevent damage to life and property, team Blazing Radiance developed FICSS (Fire Indicators Combined to Save Souls). This product gets positioned in a forest, and when it detects a fire, it wirelessly transmits Geo-coordinates to authorities via email. It also displays the coordinates in real time on Google Maps at the receiving station, allowing firefighters to swiftly locate and extinguish the fire. Blazing Radiance is working to partner with firefighters and park rangers to refine their prototype and distribute their life-saving product.

    MADScientists - Naperville, IL

    Team Summary
    : Team MADScientists observed the problem of phosphorus runoff from artificial fertilizers affecting the ecosystem of local ponds and streams. They decided to investigate the use of natural alternatives from the existing phosphorous cycle to reduce the contribution of additional phosphorous. Their results showed comparable grass and soil quality with the natural products as well as slightly reduced phosphorus runoff with some natural products. The results support the replacement of artificial fertilizers with natural alternatives to reduce the phosphorus runoff. MADScientists shared their findings with their mayor and local authorities to encourage them to convert to natural fertilizing products.

    Gladiator 16 - Memphis, TN

    Team Summary: Research conducted by team Gladiator 16 revealed that cardiac arrest affects more than 350,000 people in the U.S. each year. These startling numbers led them to study the impact of CPR training for middle school students. Since blood circulation of an affected person needs to be restored in fewer than six minutes, the more people who are trained in CPR, the more likely lives can be saved. Team Gladiator 16 found that middle school students can effectively be trained in this life-saving process, and are working toward offering the program to their entire middle school population.

    Squeegee Feast - Jackson, MS

    Team Summary: After a particularly bad flu season in their school, team Squeegee Feast determined that a new cleaning system was necessary to help prevent illness. They created the Squage – a cordless, rechargeable cleaning machine that removes solid debris, absorbs liquid, removes sticky residue, and disinfects and sanitizes surfaces. The Squage performed well in tests, but Squeegee Feast is determined to make their prototype even safer and more effective in the future to improve the health of students and teachers at their school.

    Purple Bananas - Draper, UT

    Team Summary: Team Purple Bananas learned that more than 1.1 billion people in the world do not have access to batteries or electricity, meaning no light source after the sun goes down. They explored alternative energy solutions and created a thermoelectric flashlight that runs on body heat rather than nonrenewable resources. The testing of their prototype showed great promise, creating at least ten lumens of light using only a person’s body heat in most temperatures. Further enhancements are being considered to keep the light shining brighter and longer.

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    TeamANKS - Clarksburg, MD

    Team Summary: Because pollution and global warming are growing concerns in the world today, TeamANKS decided to pursue a way to reduce greenhouse gasses, particularly nitrous oxide, from artificial fertilizers. They created the Model EFFE (Environmental Friendly Faming Efficiency) that includes a specially engineered organic TANKS fertilizer and a cloud-based automated watering system, the TANKS Farm Alarm (TFA). Together these products provide a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly alternative to harmful synthetic fertilizers. TeamANKS presented their proposal to the EPA and technology experts at Amazon.


    Aerogals - Lisle, IL

    Team Summary: Team Aerogals learned in their research that unpredictable weather patterns are becoming more common due to climate change and global warming. When wildfires, hurricanes, and snow storms hit, much of the focus is on disaster relief. Aerogals, however, decided to investigate a proactive rather than a reactive approach – creating easily deployable safety shelters. After testing various products, the team developed the Aerogal Shelter Cone, made of polyimide and cellulose aerogels around a steel framework. The team shared their ideas with representatives from FEMA as well as their city leaders.

    Ecstatic Statics - Madison, AL

    Team Summary: Batteries are bulky, expensive, and harmful to the environment if not discarded properly. Team Ecstatic Statics endeavored to find a solution to this problem by using the triboelectric effect to generate usable electricity while on the move. They created a Triboelectric Nanogenerator (TENG) that harnesses static electricity from the motion of walking. Their ultimate result is a lightweight, portable energy source that can power small electronics on the go while promoting exercise. They believe their product has both military and civilian applications, from exploring remote locations to producing electricity during power outages.


    Cricketeers - Lubbock, TX

    Team Summary: Solving world hunger is a global issue that team Cricketeers believes requires immediate action. To this end, they worked to identify a sustainable food source that provides densely packed nutrients using less water, less processing and less land to produce. Five potential food sources with low environmental impact were tested for protein percentages. Cricket flour was then used to create the Cricketeer Protein Cookie, a high protein meal replacement that can easily be transported overseas where they are most needed. The Cricketeers are working to distribute their product in India and other food insecure countries.

    Brainiacs with Blue - Portland, OR

    Team Summary: Storm water is filtered before it reaches lakes and rivers by bioswales, which help eliminate pollutants like nitrates and phosphates. Team Brainiacs with Blue endeavored to find a way to ensure that bioswales are working effectively while reducing the costs associated with quarterly inspection visits. They created a product that uses sensors to proactively detect key maintenance issues, such as moisture level and flow-through. The results are transmitted to local water management authorities through their BioPro app, which allows inspectors to target specific areas of need, thus saving up to 20% of maintenance costs.

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    DroneSquad - Ashburn, VA

    Team Summary: Team DroneSquad learned through their extensive research that Americans pay over $11 billion annually for litter clean-up. Despite programs aimed at encouraging the public to become eco-friendly, litter continues to have negative effects on society. Their approach seeks to motivate residents to clean up community litter. The DroneSquad integrated three components of modern technology: the drone took pictures of land; the team’s original program detected and identified litter; and their app, Litter.Finder, displayed the litter location to allow residents to dispose of the trash properly. They plan to add a point-reward system and refine their prototype to detect more forms of litter.


    Under Control - Lewis Center, OH

    Team Summary: Harmful algae blooms (HABs) are a major environmental problem both in the U.S. and globally. To combat the negative effects of HABs, team Under Control created the Biochar Infused Floating Island (BIFI), which is made of biochar, an eco-friendly organic solid that is rich in carbon and absorbs phosphorus from the water. During testing, the BIFI resulted in a 92% reduction in phosphorous, a significant amount greater than traditional chemical and ultrasonic treatments, with a lower cost and greater safety to marine life. Their local township will explore Under Control’s BIFI, testing it in a limited area before possibly expanding its use.


    Aguarico - Aguadilla, PR

    Team Summary: After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, team Aguarico learned firsthand the hazards of drinking contaminated water. They used this crisis to create a way to filter water and make it safe for consumption. Using steam collected from a solar water distiller in union with a secondary filter made of local, natural materials, the team created the Aguarico Distillation Filtration Device that produces safe drinking water from unsafe water in rivers, off rooftops, and out of faucets. Team Aguarico plans to deliver the devices throughout the island and to educate the community about how to create water purification systems.

    Hemophilia Hope - Bixby, OK

    Team Summary: Hemophilia, a genetic blood disorder that inhibits the clotting of blood, affects more than 20,000 Americans, one of whom is the friend and classmate of team Hemophilia Hope. The team aspired to create a sleeve to help people with hemophilia worry less about bruising and bleeding, so they could focus more on enjoying life. After considerable testing, Hemophilia Hope developed a sleeve using Sorbothane, to cushion impact, and Ballistic Nylon, to prevent cuts from sharp objects, surrounded by a flexible micro-fiber stretch knit to keep the sleeve in place. Hemophilia Hope would like to implement their sleeve by reaching out to doctors who work with hemophilia patients.

    Absolute Zero - Draper, UT

    Team Summary: Team Absolute Zero aims to eliminate the water shortage crisis throughout the world by creating a safe, inexpensive, durable and reusable water filter out of simple materials and methods. The H2 Whoa 2.0 filtration kit purifies water to meet the EPA guidelines without having to heat the water, which is especially important in areas without electricity. The kit is portable, easy to assemble, can be used up to ten times, and costs less than $2.50 USD. Absolute Zero hopes to distribute their kits locally and globally for disaster relief, philanthropic missions, or even for “just in case” scenarios

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    Blackout - Andover, MA

    Team Summary: Prolonged power outages cost Americans about $70 billion each year, according to research conducted by team Blackout. In an effort to offset some of these losses, and to protect people from foodborne illnesses, they created a refrigerator adjunct that senses temperature and alerts owners through an app when their refrigerator has reached unsafe temperatures and for how long. This allows users to know if their food is safe to consume or if it must be discarded. Blackout believes their unit will save millions of dollars in food waste as well as saving lives lost from consuming spoiled food.

    Mission WaterSmart - Aurora, IL

    Team Summary: Fresh water is the most precious natural resource in the world, yet Americans waste more than 40,000 liters per household every year waiting for it to warm up before each use. To stop this waste, Mission WaterSmart created a device that attaches to a faucet and automatically heats water to a comfortable temperature as soon as the faucet is opened. Additionally, the device encourages water saving habits during activities such as toothbrushing. Initial testing showed water savings of 35,544 liters per year. Future plans include expanding the product to showerheads to conserve even more of this precious resource.


    ElectroHawks - Charlotte, NC

    Team Summary: The use of fossil fuels for electricity is polluting the air and depleting our resources. Team ElectroHawks found that some football stadiums use more than 24 million kilowatt hours per year to power their games. Rather than wasting these huge amounts of nonrenewable resources, they developed a way to harness the human kinetic energy in a stadium through electromagnetic induction. By inserting coils and magnets into stadium seats, the ElectroHawks were able to produce enough electricity to power 20% of a large football stadium, saving money and resources while reducing the stadium’s carbon footprint.


    MemoryTygers - Taos, NM

    Team Summary: Team MemoryTygers learned that recent studies link Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and diabetes to a cellular dysfunction called amyloidosis. Although the incidence of these illnesses is increasing overall, Chinese and Hispanic populations have significantly fewer occurrences of these neurodegenerative diseases. MemoryTygers investigated the natural remedies found in these cultures to produce a medicine that has the potential to reduce amyloidosis and the accompanying disorders. While their testing showed positive results, further investigation is needed. Team MemoryTygers believes they can develop an effective drug to reduce amyloid production and give people more time with their memories and their loved ones.

    Westview Wildcats - Portland, OR

    Team Summary: Approximately 44 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders, according to research completed by team Westview Wildcats. One of the challenges associated with these disorders is the occurrence of panic attacks. While medication is often used after an attack occurs, the Westview Wildcats sought a way to help during the attack. They created a device, PAWS, that uses sensors to alert the wearer and bystanders of the occurrence of a panic attack. Further enhancements to their device will include features to soothe the patient during the attack. The Westview Wildcats plan to partner with local clinics to further develop and distribute their device.

    Team Bebi Davis - Honolulu, HI

    Team Summary: The Centers for Disease Control estimates that six- to twelve-million head lice infestations occur each year in American children aged three to eleven. Team Bebi Davis noted high incidence in Hawaii because the climate makes a perfect breeding ground for these parasitic pests. To combat the emotional, educational and financial losses caused by a lice infestation, they created a safe, affordable product that destroys lice and their eggs with 100% efficacy. They are planning to mass produce their product to make it available to families in their local area and worldwide.

    Whiz Kids - Lake Linden, Michigan

    Team Summary: Stamp sand is a waste product from copper mining in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. Its migration along Lake Superior is damaging a fish spawning ground and a local marina. Team Whiz Kids investigated removing this waste product from the fish spawning areas and using it as a base for concrete. They found that a concrete mix using a combination of stamp sand and commercial sand met the compressive strength requirements for lightweight and ready-mix concrete. They have shared their findings with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and are hoping to convince local concrete suppliers to use their findings to reduce the negative environmental impact of stamp sand.

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